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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Kitty Kat Habitat is a cat only boarding facility located upstairs in Steamboat Animal Hospital. Our facility is equipped with speakers which softly play soothing music for your kitty. All cats are fed high quality Science Diet food unless food is brought in specially for your pet. Pets are fed and litter boxes are cleaned twice daily. Cats are occasionally given catnip and tuna fish during the day. We encourage our clients to visit their pets while they stay with us. Double and single condos with a window view are available. Call us today to learn more about our cat boarding service!

Pets can be checked in or out any time during our business hours:

Monday-Friday 7am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

All pets must be current on their vaccinations and be free of internal and external parasites before they board with us. If your cat is in need of any veterinary services during their stay, we can gladly schedule them for you.