Our Practice

We are a full-service animal hospital providing comprehensive pet healthcare services in Olympia, WA. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical, surgical and dental services. Our hospital has advanced equipment and technologies, including comprehensive in-house testing for accurate diagnosis, digital x-ray, surgical suite, dental suite, and a pharmacy. We are committed to providing quality care at every stage of your pet's life. From routine preventive care to early detection and treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases, we have the expertise to provide the highest standard of care for your pet. We also serve Hoodsport, Shelton, McCleary, Elma, Lacey, Tumwater, Rochester, Centralia and Chehalis.

  • Dr. Cindy Goldsmith


    Growing up I knew all I ever wanted was to work with animals as my love for animals was so powerful. I set my goals high. Nothing was going to stand in my way; I was going to be a veterinarian. A new vet clinic was opening and at the age of 15, I was the third person through the door, I was persistent, asked for a job and was hired on the spot. Being raised in Colorado, I decided to start my education at Colorado State University and then transferred to Michigan State University to get my Masters in Animal Science. It was there in Michigan where I finally realized my goal. I completed Veterinary School at Michigan State University as well. My family and I moved to Arizona and I worked there for 15 years, owning my own practice for part of that time. My husband always wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest so while working in Arizona, I met a woman that said her nephew had a Vet practice in Olympia, Dr. Murphy’™s clinic. We came up for a visit and fell in love with the blue skies, trees and the outdoor activities. A big draw for me was the ocean too! We have been here ever since; this is home.

  • Dr. Michael Murray


    There was never an Ah Ha, moment, I knew since I was 4 that I was going to become a vet, I never wavered from my decision either. Our family vet was a definite inspiration; he was just a great guy. He helped me and steered me in the right direction, and here I am. I grew up in Southern Oregon and went to Oregon State University. Oregon State did not have a small animal hospital so I did 1½ years there and then transferred to Washington State University in Pullman. We ate and slept at school, it was hands on anatomy and it was vigorous. After finishing, my wife and I traveled, I worked in Las Vegas for 2 years, Southern Oregon for 4 years and then had a small practice in Wyoming for 8 years. I was tired of having a pager on my hip and wanted to run from the -25 degree weather and missed the North West. I searched for a small practice near the beach, mountains and trees and found my home here.

  • Dr. Lesley Parker


    I have been very fortunate living a life filled with animals and animal adventures, so becoming a veterinarian seemed like an obvious path. As a teenager we spent quite a bit of time traveling in Asia while my Mother was doing a Rhinoceros Study at the Jakarta Zoo in Indonesia. Like any child I was mesmerized and tagged along as much as possible. I went to Veterinary School at Ohio State and then did an overseas program in Kenya at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, studying zebras, elephants, wildebeest; the list goes on. It was an amazing and exciting opportunity and where I met my husband. That life seems light years away. My Husband and I live a simpler life living now, we love the Northwest and it is a perfect place to raise our two children. Our life is filled with, PTA obligations, children friendly hikes, camping and appreciating all that Olympia has to offer. I enjoy working at Steamboat Animal Hospital, the people and animals are amazing, bluntly put..it is a cool job.

  • Dr. Vicky Smith


    Animals have always been my sanctuary, my friends and my passion. Veterinary medicine was a dream for me but I veered in my journey and joined the United States Air Force. After an active duty tour, I enrolled in a veterinary program and became a veterinarian. At first I worked in a mixed practice on large animals, mostly equine, but later switched to small animal practice. I also switched services to the Army Reserves and deploy worldwide to vaccinate and deworm animals in order to improve public health. Olympia has been my home for the last 6 years, where my husband and I enjoy the outdoors with our dogs. I also train in dressage and hunter/jumper horses as well as trail riding.

  • Dr. Scott Capsey


    Growing up in Oregon I would describe my house as a zoo. We had animals in multiples; cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, the list goes on. I knew I wanted to go into medicine and as time went on, decided animals were my calling. I did my undergraduate at Oregon State University then moved to Minnesota for Vet schooling. After finishing I knew the Pacific Northwest lifestyle was calling me back. I missed snowboarding, whitewater rafting, crabbing and the taste of a great craft beer; so I started searching for the perfect home that offered all I craved. I was looking for the small town atmosphere in a large city and found my home here in Olympia. It also works well being close to Portland to see family.

  • Dr. Jacki Fraser


    Dr. Fraser Grew up in Coeur D’ Alene Idaho and graduated from WSU in May 2016. Her decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine rooted from her love for animals and people, as well as her passion for teaching and problem solving. Dr. Fraser has specific interest in small animal and exotic/wildlife animal medicine, cardiology, dermatology and dentistry. Dr. Fraser enjoys playing the clarinet, hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

  • Dr. Emily Cotran


    A Boston native, Dr. Cotran grew up in a family of human doctors, but she always knew that her own future patients would be four-legged! She headed westward for veterinary school at Colorado State University, drawn by the mountains and a love for the outdoors. Dr. Cotran graduated in May 2017, and decided to continue her adventure west, finding the perfect home in Olympia. Here, she enjoys camping, skiing, running, yoga, seafood and craft beer with her Husband Kyle. They share their home with two rescues, Logan the Border collie, a peanut butter addict, and MacGyver the cat, a notorious escape artist and murderer of insects.

  • Dr. Joshua Schulz


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